Frequently Asked Questions

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What is NIL?
NIL stands for Name, Image, and Likeness. The term is commonly used by the high school and collegiate athletic community to describe how student-athletes can make money for the use of their name, image, and likeness while actively attending school and playing sports.
How is Eccker Sports affiliated with high school Name, Image, and Likeness?
Eccker Sports is an information platform serving student-athletes, coaches, parents and administrators navigating the disruption of NIL coming to high school sports. We bring 60-plus years of experience mainstreaming new innovations in sports to help high schools guide, inform and protect their students on their NIL journeys.
Do all states permit high school student-athletes to monetize their NIL?
No, each state has its own regulations that impact a student’s ability to participate in NIL. Please view the Interactive Map in our Resource Hub to learn more about the status of your state.
How current is the NIL information I am receiving through Eccker Sports?
Eccker Sports has a dedicated team that wakes up every day with the sole purpose of understanding the latest NIL developments and sharing them with you. We are constantly gathering, vetting, and updating information on our website in real-time.
Is Eccker Sports going to provide me with professional representation for an NIL deal?
It is highly recommended that student-athletes seek their own professional representation, if permitted by their state law or state association bylaws, prior to committing to any NIL opportunity.
What is the NIL Playbook Course?
The NILPlaybook is a six-module certification course providing industry-expert guidance on NIL legislation and legal, financial and brand considerations. The courses are available to high school coaches, parents and guardians, student-athletes, and administrators.
Are there any legal and tax issues to consider with NIL deals?
Yes. Our NIL Playbook Course address and provide checklists to guide student-athletes, coaches, parents and administrators through the relevant legal, tax, and financial considerations of an NIL agreement.
I know a student-athlete’s brand is important, but what is the process to build a brand?
Building a brand requires intention and strategy. Our NIL Playbook Course dedicates time to guiding coaches, student-athletes, parents and administrators through brand development.
When will the NIL Playbook Courses come available?
May 1, 2022