Breaking down where Penn State NIL situation stands as administration aligns with James Franklin

Ezra Jorgensen  |  May 06, 2024

James Franklin is obviously a very successful football coach at Penn State, but does his lack of a national title fall squarely on his shoulders, or are there administrative aspects at play weighing the program down a bit?

That’s a question which Andy Staples and Sean Fitz got to the bottom of on Monday morning’s On3 YouTube show. The two discussed programs that have national title expectations who aren’t meeting them, with Staples wondering whether PSU fell into that category.

The two ultimately came to the conclusion that there certainly isn’t the immediate pressure of a Florida or Nebraska, who will cycle through coaches pretty quickly if they aren’t winning. In fact, Fitz believes the administration is fully supportive of Franklin with their confidence in him as coach, but they haven’t always been the most supportive when it comes to providing extra assets to the program, particularly regarding PSU’s NIL situation.