NIL Fundraising Solution: Lagway throw for 500+ yards in OB game

Ezra Jorgensen  |  Feb 19, 2024

If you believe that our NIL issues are because very few are excited about what the on field product looks like through 25 games and if Lagway being at UF is the hope, why not just let Lagway let it rip in the spring game and even play some vanilla defense to help him light it up? If DJ has a great spring game, I bet there will be some excitement going into the summer. They could even get donors to pledge NIL donations based on passing yards and TDs like people do for charity races and spelling Bs.

I like Mertz and am excited about having him back but just sit him in O&B game so that Lagway can cook. I know several will complain about the defense giving up big plays but explosive passing plays and passing TDs are a drug to our fanbase. So, Billy, let us have our fix please and give us hope.